photography and videography

With an equal interest in technology and art, photography soon became a passion that Scribble Scrolls couldn’t deny. Over the years, we have not only improved our technique but developed our style. To us, photography is about people being honest. We capture moments worth remembering and create a solid image around your brand put in place by our team of specialists.


Photography - Our crew of professional photographers has years of exposure in shooting people and products that capture our clients' brand, services or products that can entice customer engagement and highlight product details. High-resolution photos are essential to make a positive first impression on your clients as it is not always possible to meet them physically. Whether you require new photos of your office, or your products, your teammates or happy customers, or if you have an important corporate event that you want to document and share, our in-house professional photography team can capture the extraordinary moments and details for you. Following are a few add-on services that comes under Photography:
1. Food Photography
2. Product Photography
3. Architecture Photography
4. Jewellery Photography
5.Fashion Photography
6.White Background Photography
7.Food Styling Photography


Videography - Video marketing can be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Giving a face and a voice to your business and providing high SEO value for your website can really be fruitful to drive attention towards your brand. Adding a video on a landing page can boost conversion by 80%. Our digital marketing team runs with you to put together a video marketing strategy that makes sense for your business and marketing goals. Our mantra here at Scribble Scrolls is “we are narrators first and videographers next.” This philosophy sets us apart from all the other mediocre videographers. Through the power of compelling storytelling, our team of freelance cinematographers create memories that you can cherish forever. Following are a few add-on services that comes under Videography:
1. Corporate Videos
2. Product Shoots Videos
3. 2D Animation Videos
4. Explainer Videos
5. Promotional Videos
6.Event Videos
7.Food Styling Photography